Wide Variety of Online Casino Games

When you play at an online casino, the choice in casino games is much wider than when you play at a regular casino. Most online casinos offer not only the traditional casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, or Craps, but also offer games that normally cannot be found at a regular casino, think of games like: Scratch Cards, Bingo, Sport Bets, and Casino Wars.

Play Internet Casino Games in Your Browser

A few years ago Flash-based software revolutionised online gambling. Normally when you went to an online casino, you would have to download and install casino software to your computer to be able to play the casino games. Online casinos that used Flash software did not require any downloads, you could play the online casino games of these casinos directly in your browser. All you needed to do was to open an account at the casino and you could start playing online casino games immediately. Of course, now we have technology like HTML5 and responsive mobile casinos too, so the revolution is far from over.

This is a real solution for people who for some reason cannot install software to their computer, maybe because it is a work computer. Another benefit is that you can always play the casino game you like anywhere you are, as long as there is a computer with an internet connection.

Online Video Slots

The popularity of online casinos is for the greatest part the result of the popularity of online slots, which are among the most popular online casino games. Although in recent years online poker has grown out to become the most played online casino game, it were the online slots that made internet casino games popular in the first place. The choice in online slots is huge on the internet. Almost every month internet casinos try to provide new casino games to their players, and in most cases these new games are online slots. There are hundreds if not thousands of different online slots to find. Some slots are similar to the traditional slots you can find at regular casinos, while others have all sorts of moving graphics and 3D characters to liven up the slot.